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The Custom Container Process

Initial Consultation - Free Quotes

The designer will come to review the size and location of containers and discuss your color preferences. We will then provide you with a price quote.

Container fees include soil, slow release fertilizer, and planting of appropriate plant materials.

Proper care of the plant material is very important; the designer will thoroughly review the plants' care and watering needs with you.

Average Prices for Containers

Window Boxes

Small (12"-20”): $25 - $35

Medium (21”–35”) : $40-$55

Large (over 35”) : $60 and up


Small (5-8”): $10-$15

Medium (9”-14”): $15-$30

Large (15”-24”): $30-$50

XLarge (over 25”): $50 and up


Weekly maintenance plans are available that include fertilizing, pruning, and plant replacement (if necessary).The price for weekly maintenance varies depending on your location and quantity of pots.Please ask for a quote.

Custom Container Planting

Thyme to Plant can create beautiful and unique window boxes and containers for any season.These containers can dramatically enhance the appearance of your home or small business and bring you the enjoyment of flowers throughout the seasons.  Containers are often placed by the front door, the end of a walkway, on steps, around a pool or at a business entrance.

We choose a mix of flowering and foliage plants that will succeed in your sunlight, wind and other environmental conditions.  The soil, fertilizer, and plant material are included in the cost.  Weekly maintenance is also available.


Imagine coming home from work one spring day to find beautiful window boxes and patio plants waiting for you! Eliminate the stress of choosing the right plants and the work of planting. You just have water and enjoy the flowers all season long!


Container plantings are available for four seasons – Early Spring, Late Spring/ Summer, Autumn, and Fall/Winter.