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A good plan is the basis of any successful project.Why should it be different with your landscape?  Invest in a professional, custom landscape design and enjoy your yard for many years to come.


Many homeowners or small businesses want to landscape but are overwhelmed by the task of choosing the correct plants.We help the client by creating a high quality, custom design that is tailored to the individual's plant preferences, maintenance ability, and climate of the property.We can also guide the client through the planting project by selecting and delivering the plants and providing planting instructions as well as on-site “coaching.”The client then feels confident in his or her ability to tackle the project and can take immense pride in knowing he or she helped in creating a beautiful landscape.Don’t want to get your hands dirty?We also work with some great installers.

Thyme to Plant takes a very client focused approach to landscape design.We are very interested in your vision and dreams for your property.We carefully consider your plant preferences and maintenance abilities.We also take a thorough survey of your property to evaluate all the climatic and soil conditions.This ensures that the right plants will be selected for your custom design.

All too often, landscape design/build companies are so focused on the build and install process that very little effort goes into plant selection.The results can be very dissapointing.The plants sometimes die because they were planted in the incorrect light or soil conditions.Worse yet, the plants might survive only to grow too large and start taking over in just a few years.It is very costly for the property owner to have to re-invest in a poorly planned landscaped.


Be sure to start your landscape project right, hire a qualified landscape designer, and get a professional plan.By selecting Thyme to Plant, you can be assured that the designer is focused strictly on the design process and choosing the right plants for your individual needs.You can look forward to flowers and interesting textures in every season and plants that will grow to the appropriate sizes to compliment your home and property.

Read below to learn more about the Thyme to Plant Design Process

Thyme to Plant Design Process

First Step – Initial Design Visit

The designer will come to your property to discuss the areas that you are interested in having designed.  All parties that are interested in the landscape should be present at this meeting.  The designer will ask you a series of questions about the design area and any preferences that you may have.  It is a good idea to have a budget in mind to share with the designer.

The fee for the initial design visit is $50 which is due at the end of the meeting.If you decide to hire Thyme to Plant to do any size design, the $50 fee will be deducted from the design price.


Second Step – Design Quote

You will be provided a design quote and a contract. To see a sample contract, please click here.

The quote is based on the size of the area and scope of the design.We can design any size area from small perennial gardens, foundation plantings, or an entire yard.  


Third Step – Design

The designer will visit your property again to take detailed measurements, including all structures and existing plant material locations.  We will also analyze the site conditions and microclimates of the property.  Lastly, we will take digital photography of all areas to be designed.  The design is typically completed within three weeks of receiving the contract.

Fourth Step – Design Presentation

The designer will come to your home and present the design(s). We will thoroughly explain the design and answer any questions you may have.  You will receive the following:


1) CAD Design:  You will receive two to scale  copies of the CAD design and a corresponding plant legend. Click here to see samples of theCAD design.



2) Photo Image: You will receive a minimum of one full color copy photo imaged area.You will also receive an e-mail of the jpeg file.Click here to see a sample of a photo image.



3) Plant List: You will receive a plant guide including pictures and descriptions of the plants used in your design.  To see a sample page of a plant list, click here.



 Fifth Step – Revisions

After reviewing the design, if there are any minor revisions you’d like made, Thyme to Plant will complete those within one week and you will receive one additional copy with the changes made. 


Final Step – Planting

You now have a complete design that can be installed in phases or all at once. You may wish to install the design yourself (many clients choose to do this in phases) or have a qualified contractor install it for you. If you choose to install it yourself, Thyme to Plant will provide you with a quote for selecting, obtaining, delivering, and placing the plant materials. We will guide you through the installation process by providing planting and care instructions along with on-site coaching when you are ready to begin.


The end result of this process is a beautiful, custom landscape that will enhance and add value to your property.You will be able to enjoy this landscape throughout the seasons for many years to come!

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