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Landscape Design & Custom Container Planting

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Mission Statement: To provide high quality design, plant recommendations and gardening advice in an environmentally responsible manner.


We strive to make the customer needs and desires our top priority while creating beautiful designs and container plantings. We make gardening success easy by starting our customers with a great plan. We then guide you through the planting and/or container care and make sure you feel confident about your own plants and beautiful landscape. We want our customers to enjoy their landscape through every season, for many years to come.


We offer the following services:

Landscape Design

Landscape Consulting and Garden "Coaching"

Custom Containers and Window Boxes

Plant Selection, Delivery & Placement

Company History
Thyme to Plant is located in Farmington, CT. It was created out of the need for quality landscape design. The owner, Jennifer Villa, got tired of seeing professionally landscaped homes with poor plant choices. Many landscape companies simply don't focus on or aren't knowledgeable about design, proper plant selection, plant soil, sunlight needs, and mature growth size of the plants selected. This can become costly and dissapointing when the plants grow too large or simply do not survive.
Thyme to Plant can create a great
plan that the customer can feel confident about planting or having installed.
The custom container planting was started after years of requests from friends and neighbors. Choosing beautiful flowers for your pots can be fun, but it is also overwhelming. So many choices. . . the average homeowner has no idea what will work for the property, never mind what soil to use or how to fertilize. Thyme to Plant saw a need to make beautiful flowers stress free, easy and affordable. That is why we offer the custom container service. We use your pots and your color choices and choose plant and flower combinations that we know will work in your conditions.
Customer testimonials
"Jen's knowledge of plants is amazing! She really took the time to ask what we like for colors, textures and styles and put all of it in the plan so it reflects us perfectly - we love our design!"
-Betty Butler
"My window boxes are the envy of my entire condo complex."
-Maggie Pitti
Meeting with you was great yesterday ~ i feel like there is hope for the garden once again.
-Avis Turner
I came home today after a whole week and I am just blown away at the progress and how amazing the yard looks. The front bed, the wall, the plantings, the stairs, the fish pond......everything is just beautiful. We are very pleased. My daughter also saw it today after a week and said it was 'magical'.
- Kim Delaney
"I just love to sit in my sunroom and enjoy my beautifully landscaped patio."
-Judy Villa
"My fall window boxes looked beautiful past Thanksgiving, I couldn't believe it."
-Janet Bernacki
"Thanks so much for for the packet of info you sent to us. We're very impressed with the content and presentation of the information."
-Betsy Hole
I just wanted to thank you again for our landscaping plan. It looks wonderful! We are really enjoying it. Thank you so much!
-Kim Cardone